Crowdfunding Campaign Countdown!

We only have a few days left on our crowdfunding campaign and less than three weeks until we ship! Weta HQ in Auckland has been a hive of activity with the crew valiantly navigating the logistics of making art in New Zealand to ship 6,500 miles across the Pacific to Black Rock City! Have a look at our team in action:

Alongside the welders and the grinders are the humming of sewing machines and the cutting of foam and tearing of paper in the two busy craft rooms as stalactites, critters, rocks and rock bean bags get made for our Theme Camp and secret Weta Cave. Shhh, it’s a secret!

GW build 14-6-16-14 web

GW build 8-6-16-16 web







As you’ve seen, our team is incredibly hard working, managing the challenging logistics of making art in New Zealand to ship 6,500 miles across the Pacific with smiles on their faces. It’s a truly ambitious project which has achieved its goal of helping build a sense of community amongst Auckland Burners. Everyone is super-excited to share The Giant Weta art installation with you on the playa in August and at Kiwiburn next January.

Our 15 minutes of fame

Three of our team had a chat on Auckland Radio station bFM recently. Listen here. And we went Live on Facebook from Weta HQ last week which was a lot of fun, showcasing our build space to our many followers. Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

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