The Giant Weta Crowdfunding campaign

The project is all go, or should we say, Indiegogo! Help The Giant Weta get to Burning Man and Kiwiburn through our Crowdfunding page, now live! Please donate as much or as little as you can, and please share the page with your friends.

By supporting this project you are supporting an ever evolving ecosystem of artists in Auckland. We hope that this project shows people what is possible, providing space and tools for more projects to come.

Other ways you can help
If you can’t afford to donate to our campaign here’s how you can help…

Spread the word! Share the link to this Indiegogo and get you’re friends talking about this project.
Volunteer: We’re currently building this project in Auckland, New Zealand and need crew to help us. Fill in this form for details on how to volunteer.
Tools: Got any spare tools laying around needing a home? We can find them one!
Run a fundraising event: Got time but no money? Get in touch we can work together to get something going!

GW16 crowdfunding launch 20-4-16-51

Hippathy Valentine introduces The Giant Weta Crowdfunding campaign at the new build space.